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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The OVCR Business Office manages a number of programs and processes. We can help unit business managers or campus researchers find information. See below for FAQs, or feel free to contact us

What are OVCR "Special Programs?"
The OVCR oversees a number of "Special Programs." These are programs that are limited in scope, eligibility, or timing, for example. Many are one-time programs, though some do recur. Sign up for the OVCR Funding and Opportunities Mailing List to stay connected with the OVCR. 

What is the status of my Research Board Application?
See the Campus Research Board page for more information about the awards process.

How do I find financial information about my grant? How much money do I have in my accounts?
Visit the START MyResearch portal - a system that allows faculty to see real-time financial information about their grants.

How do I submit a grant?
Start with the Office of Sponsored Programs

How do I create an account number?
OBFS handles requests for FOPALs.

How can I learn more about the University's Research Administration and Business Policies?
If you are part of a campus business office, become part of SPARC.

How do I buy equipment and supplies?
You need to be aware of what is allowed on your grant and the procurement rules that govern all U of I purchases. Start with your local business manager. 

Who can help?
The OVCR is a resource for the Illinois Research Community. If you need help with an issue related to research, check our staff directory to locate an appropriate contact.