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Standards and Procedures

Standards and Procedures

The following standards and procedures have been established to ensure the safe, ethical conduct and effectiveness of the research enterprise at the University of Illinois. Researchers are expected to follow the guidelines, instructions and procedures pertinent to their studies. Exceptions to these standards must be scientifically justified and be requested through the authoring unit/office. To find a list of research-related policies, see Regulatory Compliance & Safety.

Standards and Procedures

Adding Project Personnel to a Protocol, Instructions for 
Anesthetics and Analgesics, Veterinary Guidelines for 
Animal Use Reporting and Record Keeping Procedures: Guidelines for reporting and recording agricultural animal use for College of Veterinary Medicine resident teaching animals.
Approved Rodent Sources
AWA Regulations for the Transport of Wild Animals
Biosecurity Swine Guidelines
Biosecurity Visitor Guidelines
Breeding Colony Calculator
CO2 Euthanasia of Poultry and Young Swine, Guidelines for
Correction of Violations and Deviations, Guidelines for
Euthanasia of Wildlife Species, Guidelines for

Export of Laboratory Animals, Guidelines for Implementation of IACUC Policy on
Extension Cord Safety

Genotyping Mice and Rats, Guidelines for 
Handwashing Techniques
Import of Rodents into UIUC Animal Facilities, Guidelines for implementation of IACUC Policy on
Issuing Health Certificates for Animals Leaving Laboratory Animal Facilities, Guidelines on
Keeping Records for Experiments with USDA Covered Species
Making Amendments to a Protocol,  Instructions for
Material Transfer Procedures
Off-Campus Animal Use Oversight Guidelines
Preparation of Surgical Site
Preventing Zoonotic Diseases
Rationale for Numbers of Animals
Recapping Needles SOP
Rendering Carcasses, Instructions for
Reporting an Injury
Responsibilities for PIs
Review of Chemicals Used in Animal Research Protocols, Instructions for 
Searches to Alternatives for Animal Use, Instructions for
Shipping Food and Food Ingredients from International Sources
Submitting Animal Request Forms

Transportation of Animals,  Guidelines for the 

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